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Value generation with rural mini-grids

This article appeared in the May 2018 edition of PV Magazine and can be found online – here.

To provide electricity access for all by 2030, the International Energy Agency estimated mini-grids will provide power to over a third of the 1.1 billion people without electricity. Powering equipment that can generate income for rural villagers is hailed as one of the most important ways of enhancing rural mini-grid bankability. Rural mini-grid companies today are working with communities to understand what income-generating equipment, called productive uses of electricity, can make viable businesses. More than producing electrons, rural mini-grid companies are focused on generating long-term value creation in the communities they serve because if the local communities prosper, so will the mini-grids.

A powerful virtuous cycle is created when rural mini-grid developers power equipment that can increase a customer’s income. In an ideal situation, the boost in the customer’s income more than co…

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